Thursday, March 15, 2012

Doing School With Dad!

Josh's schedule is constantly changing. Between the Army and the hospital, I never know when he will be here during the week. For a while now we have simply been treating his days of as lazy/weekend days, but we've decided that it will be a lot more fun to include him in our regular days, and keep the weekend open for friends.

This week was his first time "doing school" with us. Everybody had such a great time! Gauge has really taken to having has dad around to play with during the day.

Dad spent a lot of time playing dinosaurs with Vash. He does a pretty good T-rex, don't you think?

Our box this week was just some more water beads and scoops, but Gauge really enjoyed showing his Dad how to explore the tub. You know, because he's never done it before. :p

Dad also did lots and lots of reading!

This week was really neat for all of us. The preschool play room is quite obviously Vash's favorite room in the house (Mine too, actually!) It was fun to see him showing his dad around.
Gauge has a habit of pretending he doesn't know things when Josh tries to talk to him about his day, but he was really into including him in it! I loved watching him explain things!


stafall said...

wow.. what a great father you are...

starfall said...

really a good dad..

rainbowbunny said...

Looks like everybody had fun. Feel free to comment on my blog if you find any entries that are interesting. Your husband does make a good T-rex. Imagine if he had on a T-rex costume and your kids were dinosaurs. :)

Kelley [playgroundlaboratory] said...

Starfall, thanks for noticing. He is a wonderful daddy!

Rainbow, I'm so sorry. I DO need to comment more! You have some great theme ideas!

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